Multiple Floor Search Demonstration

The Pathfinder™ system is also helpful in multiple-floor searches. If a firefighter is disoriented and calls in a mayday on the wrong floor, precious time could be wasted. Due to the reflective nature of ultrasound, the Beacon™ signal will NOT penetrate the floor, but will lead you to doors and landings on the appropriate floor.

Radio Frequency (RF) sytems which CAN penetrate floors, could possibly lead rescuers to waste time on the wrong floor. Precious time could be spent searching for the source of the signal, only to find that the minimum point on THAT floor is directly below or above victim. The RIT members would then have to go to the next floor and start all over again. Since ultrasound will NOT penetrate a floor, this problem does not apply.

  • Place cursor over grey buttons to view selection.
  • To PAUSE, press the Tracker ON/OFF Button.
  • To MUTE sound, press the Tracker MUTE Button.

Updated 07/16/04
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