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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions concerning the Pathfinder™ system and Pulse™ technology. If you have a question that does not appear here, or if you would like further explanation, please feel free to contact your local sales representative or distributor for more information or email Summit Safety.

General questions:   [Page 1]
  1. What does the Pathfinder system do?
  2. Why do you want to know the PATH?
  3. Why not use radio frequency (RF)?
  4. Is Pathfinder a Thermal Imager?
  5. Isn't Pathfinder just like a PASS Device?
  6. Does the Pathfinder system interfere with other firefighting equipment?

Ultrasound questions:   [Page 2]
  1. What is Ultrasound?
  2. How is ultrasound like regular sound?
  3. Can dogs hear the ultrasound from the Pathfinder system?
  4. How is ultrasound different from regular sound?
  5. Does smoke affect the ultrasound?
  6. Does water spray affect the ultrasound?
  7. How high a frequency could you use?
  8. Why use ultrasound instead of regular sound?
  9. Is ultrasound similar to sonar?
  10. Is ultrasound dangerous?
  11. Is ultrasound a new technology?
  12. Do any fire sounds interfere with the operation of the Pathfinder system?

Pathfinder questions:   [Page 3] [Page 4]
  1. Are Pathfinder and Pulse the same?
  2. Can the Tracker “see” through walls?
  3. How is a Firefighter Beacon different from any other Beacon?
  4. Do the Beacons transmit ultrasound all the time?
  5. Does each firefighter use a different ultrasonic frequency?
  6. How many frequencies can the Tracker pick up?
  7. Will any Tracker work with any Beacon?
  8. What is the difference between an Exit Beacon and an Auxilary Exit Beacon?
  9. How many Beacons and Trackers are needed for a Fire Department?
  10. What is the range of the Pathfinder system?
  11. How resilient to heat are the units?
  12. What type of batteries do the units use?
  13. How does the Tracker operate?
  14. If a firefighter falls on the Beacon, does the system still work?
  15. Who besides firefighters could use the Pathfinder system?
  16. Where are the units manufactured?

Other firefighting equipment questions:   [Page 5]
  1. Why is it so hard to locate an alarmed PASS Device?
  2. Can GPS be used to locate firefighters?
  3. Could Pathfinder's Pulse technology be added to thermal imaging cameras?

Updated 05/03/05
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