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Summit Safety Products

Since our inception, Summit Safety has focused on designing and producing high-tech equipment for firefighter safety. Starting in 1999, after the tragic Franklin Street warehouse fire in Worcester, MA, our mission has been to enhance the rescue tools now available to the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). By enhancing the rescouses available to RIT, with advanced technology, we hope to increase the chances of successful rescue of downed and entrapped firefighters.

The technology behind the Pathfinder™ System is Ultrasound - high frequency sound. The system consits of two fundamental parts: an omni-directional transmitter (a Beacon) and a hand-held directional receiver (a Tracker). When the Beacon transmits, a high frequency sound wave is emitted, allowing the Tracker to follow it to its source. Ultrasound has the unique capability of following the air path between the Beacon and Tracker. This means that the Tracker will tell you the PATH to the disabled firefighter, NOT making it necessary to breach the walls. The Pathfinder System is a homing device that we like to call a high-tech, "eletronic rope".

Pathfinder Beacons are separated into three (3) categories: Firefighter Beacons, Exit Beacons, and Auxiliary Beacons. Firefighter Beacons are used to locate disabled and entrapped firefighters. They are coupled to a PASS Device and only transmit the Ultrasound signal when the PASS Device alarms. Exit Beacons are used for egress: they identify the PATH to the exit. Auxiliary Beacons are a multi-application device. They are used to mark internal points or rally points, including fire hose nozzles, emergency air tanks, search rope bags, or even the RIT team (when deployed).

Stand-Alone Beacons

Exit Beacon

Auxiliary Beacon


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