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Publications and Presentations
The following publications can be viewed in different formats. The text version of each is available in both HTML and Adobe PDF format. Click on the icon to view the desired format. To view PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Additionally, some of these publications were presented in PowerPoint and can be viewed by selecting the "PPT" icon.

 HTML   PDF   PPT    Document Title
  04/04/03 - FDIC 2003 Presentation
  04/04/03 - FDIC 2003 Paper
  10/04/03 - Redmond Symposium Presentation
  02/01/04 - Radio Frequency (RF) versus Ultrasound
  04/28/04 - Survivair Pathfinder Introductory Datasheet†
  04/12/05 - Survivair Pathfinder Product Guide†
  04/14/05 - FDIC 2005 Presentation

Updated 05/04/05
† © Firefighter image and Pathfinder datasheets copyright Survivair, 2004. All Rights Reserved.
© Copyright Summit Safety, Inc. 2005. All Rights Reserved.