The Panther® Beacon™

This Pathfinder Beacon is integrated into the Survivair® Panther SCBA. Fully automated, it leaves the firefighter to focus on the more important tasks at hand. All the firefighter has to due to ensure Pathfinder coverage, is turn on the air. When the cylinder valve is opened and the SCBA is charged, COMPASS (the integrated PASS device) and the Beacon turn on. When COMPASS alarms, the Beacon transmits the Pathfinder signal, allowing the firefighter to be located QUICKLY.

The Panther Beacon provides redundant coverage on both the front AND back sides of the firefighter. This seamless integration is possible because the Panther Beacon is actually hard-wired into the Panther electronics. Any COMPASS unit on any Panther SCBA can be upgraded with the Panther Beacon.

Updated 07/16/04
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